SFD Staffing

The Streator Fire Department is staffed by 16 full-time firefighters. The Fire Chief oversees 3 shifts of 5 firefighters. At a minimum, 4 firefighters are on duty every minute of every day.

Fire Chief

Gary Bird


A-Shift B-Shift C-Shift
Captain Tim Bradley Captain Ryan Reynolds Captain Fred McClellan
Lieutenant Dave Kupec Lieutenant Ben Donahue Lieutenant Bryan Park
Firefighter Kurt Snow Firefighter Billy Missel Firefighter Tim Redd
Firefighter Eric Hoffmeyer Firefighter Ed Levy Firefighter Mike Mast
Firefighter Jeff Arendell   Firefighter Ian Rogers

Get in Touch

Do you need to contact the Streator Fire Department?


In case of emergency,

please call 911 immediately.


To contact Livcom dispatch,

dial 815-844-0911.


To contact Streator Fire,

dial 815-672-2266. 


Streator Fire Department is located at:
108 N Wasson St
Streator, IL 61364


Email: website@streatorfd.org


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