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Over 6000 Americans died last year in residential fires. Most of these deaths were caused by fire gasses and toxic smoke, not by flames or heat. The presence and proper installation of working smoke alarms could have prevented many of these deaths. As firefighters, we get asked many questions about smoke alarms. It is our hope that the Streator Fire Department can provide answers to commonly asked questions...

How many smoke detectors should I have in my home and where should they be placed?


The minimum recommendation is to have at least one detector per floor of your home. Above and beyond this suggestion would be to place at least one detector near the kitchen (but not inside the kitchen) as well as a detector in the hallway outside of any bedrooms. 


Additionally, smoke alarms should be placed at minimum of 4" from corners of walls and ceilings to avoid the dead air space that corners create. 

What type of smoke alarms should I purchase?


There are two types of smoke alarms for residential use: ionization and photoelectric. Each type will "smell" for smoke in a different manner, but both types will be equally effective in alarming in case of fire or smoke.

Should you need a smoke alarm in the City of Streator, please contact the fire department by using the form on the front page of the website or by calling 815-672-2266.

When should I change the batteries in my smoke alarm? 


It is recommended to change the batteries in your smoke alarm every six (6) months. A method to remember the battery change is the phrase "change your clock, change your batteries." This phrase reminds to change the batteries twice per year with daylight savings time.

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