Escape Planning

Fire escape planning is a vital part of your family's safety. Fire and smoke can overcome a home very quickly. Escape planning will provide familiarity in the event of an emergency. Practicing your escape plan is also very important. Please use the form below to create your fire escape plan.


A Printable Fire Escape Plan

This printable form will allow your family to create a comprehensive fire escape plan.


Your Fire Escape Plan

Post your house numbers in a conspicous place. First Responders often use the phrase "help us help you, post your house number in plain view." Your house numbers should be easily visible from the street. Numbers should be a minimum of 3" tall.

Always know 2 ways out of each room. If the primary path out of a room is blocked by smoke or fire, know a second way to exit the room. This could be another doorway or a window.

Get low and go! In a smoke or fire filled room, always crawl below the smoke and heat to safety. Smoke and heat always rise. Feel any doors in your way with the back of your hand to detect fire or heat in the next room. 




Establish a meeting place.  Once outside of the home, go to the meeting place that was previously established. Common meeting places include trees, mailboxes (away from home), or a neighbor's porch. Once at the meeting place, make sure all occupants of the home are accounted for and notify the fire department.



Call 911 for help from outside or from a neighbor's home. Once outside at your meeting place, call 911. Never call 911 from inside of a smoke filled home.

Practice, practice, practice... Fire escape plans work when they are practiced often. Asking your family to practice the drill will familiarize them with exits and your meeting place. 

Get in Touch

Do you need to contact the Streator Fire Department?


In case of emergency,

please call 911 immediately.


To contact Livcom dispatch,

dial 815-844-0911.


To contact Streator Fire,

dial 815-672-2266. 


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