Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and poisonous gas. It is produced by the incomplete burning of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels. Appliances fueled with natural gas, liquefied petroleum (LP), oil, kerosene, coal, or wood may produce carbon monoxide. Burning charcoal and running vehicles also produce carbon monoxide. 

If your alarm sounds or you experience symptoms:


-Never ignore an alarm or symptoms

-Get to fresh air immediately

-Call 911 to report the emergency

Prevention Tips:


-Make sure all appliances are installed according to the manufacturer's instructions

-Have your heating system inspected and serviced annually

-Install a carbon monoxide alarm in the hallway near every sleeping area of your home

-Never burn charcoal inside of your home, garage, vehicle, or tent

-Never use portable fuel-bruning camping equipment inside of your home or garage

-Never leave a car running in an attached garage, even with the garage door open

-Never service fuel-burning appliances without the proper expertise

-Never use gas applicances such as ranges, ovens, or clothes dryers to heat your home

-Never use gasoline-powered tools or engines indoors

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To contact Livcom dispatch,

dial 815-844-0911.


To contact Streator Fire,

dial 815-672-2266. 


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